How to Manage High Volume Full Shoots a Week, Week after Week

Juggling many photoshoots

On a normal week, I juggle about 6-13 shoots a week. These aren’t mini sessions, they are all shoots that last about an hour or more. It’s a lot!

We will talk about how I manage to edit so many photos, all the while juggling two kids under 5 and try to be a good wife. In order to do so, I need an amazing system to keep me on track so I don’t double book myself, show up on time, and the billing too! Let’s also talk about how much editing I have to do!

Finally, I will touch upon HOW I get this many photoshoots a week, in case you don’t do that many shoots (yet!) and want to know!

How I edit and deliver 6-13 galleries per week

My galleries are all due within 2 weeks from photoshoot day, which means I do have that many due every week.

Do I edit all my photos? The simple answer is no. Here is a video of my step by step process of how my photos go from the camera, folders, LightRoom (sometimes Photoshop), and into my client galleries!

Here are the tools/systems I use to be able to crank out 6-13 galleries a week that contain at least 100 images. (You can check out my portfolio to see how much I deliver to my clients!)

These are my backup gear/system. I have my photos/RAWs in 3 places at all times.

  • This is the smaller external hard (1TB) drive I use to keep the galleries I am currently editing/have not sent to clients yet (I’ve gone through so many and this is the best since I don’t need an extra dongle for my MacBook)
  • This is the large external hard drive (10TB) where I keep all of my galleries I sent to clients.
  • These are the SD cards I use, and I keep all non-delivered gallery RAWs on it until I deliver

The folder/catalog system allows me to make sure I don’t lose my culling process and keeps everything in the right folder and easily accessible. I do keep my SD cards as is until I deliver the galleries.

How do I keep track of clients, communication, payment, and schedule?!

Simple answer? HoneyBook.

Yes, yes, I have an affiliate link. But WATCH THIS VIDEO and you will see how invaluable this tool is if you are a busy photographer (or if you are about to be super busy implementing all my strategies of how I grew my business from 0 to 6 figures in my first year 😉).

You will also get 50% off your first year if you sign up through this link. That’s amazing!

If you did purchase my super-duper discounted client communication templates I use too, then I will also upload all the templates into your account too!

Tips and Tricks on How to Manage So Much in So Little Time

If I put in in a simple list, these are specific tricks I use through HoneyBook to efficiently use my time I spend “working”, but still give so much love and attention that my clients deserve!

  • Templates, templates, templates. HoneyBook allows for so many different templates. When I get an inquiry, I literally spend 30 seconds to send a response. A little more if an inquiry asks for specific questions that are not covered normally. I have templates for:
    • Inquiry response
    • Following up to inquiries
    • Proposals (which is a way for clients to sign the contract and pay for the deposit)
    • Photoshoot prep email I send a week before
  • App. HoneyBook has an app that you can send a proposal (another template) – which is a way for clients to pay your deposit, attached to a perfectly crafted template email from a phone app! I never have to tell a client “ok, I will send something over when I get to a computer”. So easy!
  • Questionnaire. This is also a template, but it’s so important to have to get to know your clients a little. It’s an easy to fill the questionnaire, and 99% of my clients fill it out because it’s so easy!

My clients seriously always comment on how fast of a communicator I am, and if you see my reviews on Yelp, I think most people mention how EASY it is working with me! I owe it all to HoneyBook.

How Do I Get So Many Shoots a Week?

Phew. This is a loaded question! It’s a combination of SEO, ads, being everywhere, and hopefully, people are booking me because they like my photos!

Honestly, though, I think it is because I am quick to respond and I CARE and I am polite. I take the time to be nice and caring. Anyone can get all the inquiries in the world but if you don’t respond the right way, and take them through a proper and excellent client experience, I won’t get the bookings.

Finally, I do offer and teach ALL of this in my 4-week Bootcamp! Registration is closed now but will open back up soon. Get more info on that here if you are interested and want to get on the waitlist!

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HoneyBook tutorial and discount code. How to manage high volume photography clients!

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