Ok, if I were to give a speech at the Oscars of photographers tomorrow, I will be thanking these tools and resources for all of their help and support! 🤣

These are the tools and resources that my business could not survive without that give my clients the BEST experience possible. Start to finish!

*Before you go crazy with purchasing all these amazing tools and have a great start to setting up your photography business, please know that I am an affiliate on some of these products/services. Which means I may get a small amount of commission if you purchase these products. That doesn't mean you will pay more - actually - in some of these services below, you will get a discount by going through my special link.

I know, I know, affiliate links are yucky, but seriously, you will be paying the same amount, if not less than the market place, so help me out! It took me soooooo long to create this list. 

CHECK OUT THESE Essential Tools and Resources

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Photography business ideas and tips

Tools to Start and Grow Your photo business

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Tools for Every Stage of Client Communications

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This is my #1 most useful tool and not-so-secret weapon to automating and making client communication a breeze. If you don't trust me with anything else, just trust me on this one. Get 20% off first year when you sign up by clicking here AND if you get my templates, we will automatically upload them for you!

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Part of client experience is giving them the most gorgeous way to deliver their images. Pixieset is super user friendly, and clients can order directly from their galleries too!

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I am NOT fashionable. This tool really has helped me and my clients select the best outfits for their shoots based on age, color pallet, & vibe we are going for. Use Code EJENKS10 for 10% off!

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Getting hair and makeup done is pretty standard for weddings and boudoir, but I love to give recommendations for my family clients too! I love StyleBee because they can handle any type of beauty needs for every occasion and they come to you! Follow this link and get $20 off your first booking!

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Posing is one of the hardest thing for me because I tend to love to showcase the beautiful scenery and let people be "natural". But most people don't know how to be "natural" in front of the camera. Unscripted gives you so many suggestions as to how to get people moving and playing and for us to be able to capture natural beautiful expressions. Use code "emilyjenks" for $10 off!

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PhotoMechanic is a time saver! Hands down. I fought it for a long time thinking that using LightRoom to cull was good enough. Nope. I use PhotoMechanic for these tasks and they are hands down one of the biggest time savers. 
- Renaming all the photos at once
- Culling
- Color Coding/Rating Photos


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- Godox V860II-N (on-camera flash)
- Extra Batteries
- At least 4 SD Cards (these are my favorite)
- Apple Watch
- Camera harness (I have this in dusty pink)

- MacBook Pro 16 Inch
- 2TB External Hard Drive (this works best with MacBooks
- 8TB External Hard Drive (for storing older photos)


Beach maternity shoot in LR and PS!

Some tips:

- How to smooth out wrinkles in clothes (the lazy way)

- Starter's guide to curves (wing it and play around)

How to smooth out wrinkles the easy way!

Posing during harsh light conditions and how to edit them!

Some tips:

- Which direction should the sun be?

- Underexposing so you can retain the background

Harsh Light Posing and Editing