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Two years ago, after I was done having babies, I came to the realization that I hated being an attorney. After a lot of soul searching and trying everything to find my passion (I was even a BeachBody Coach for a month…. And I HATE exercising), I found that photography is my true passion. Fast forward a year after opening my business, my calendar was too full to continue working as an attorney - and my bank account was ready too - and I was able to replace my 6-figure attorney income with my photography income.

Growing up in Japan, I know the importance of excellent customer service and “Kaizen”. In Japan, in any service-related industry you work at, you are taught that the customer is always right, and customer is “king” (but you know, in modern times it should really be customer is "king/queen"). You really do feel respected and cared for as a client when you go anywhere in Japan – even at fast food restaurants (which happened to be my first job where I learned all of this). The term “Kaizen” means to “make improvements”. It’s in my nature now to constantly re-evaluate my methods to see what I can do better, faster, and more efficiently.

So, although making all the money is important for me as a main provider for my family living in San Francisco (mortgage is insane here!), what makes me ultimately happy is having super happy clients that send me emails, texts, raving reviews, and referrals over and over again.

Creating memories for clients that literally last past their lifetime is such an amazing feeling!! I could have stayed being an attorney and made plenty of money, but that’s not what I wanted at all. I found my true passion – taking photos for clients that really appreciate and value my art and walk away super happy.

It honestly took way too many hours to come up with the system I use now for my clients. I want anyone who feels the same way I do about having happy clients to skip ahead of all the drafting emails, coming up with workflows, and other time-consuming planning so you can focus on taking all the amazing photos and automate basically everything else.

Hope you find everything I have to share helpful, and please reach out to me if there is anything you want me to create from personal experience or research! I would love to hear from you! I am most responsive on DMs on Instagram and Facebook!


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