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The Happiest Client Templates

Start (or revive) your client communication to leave your family and portrait clients SUPER happy with your communication and book you over the competition!

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There are 3 Big Problems when it comes to client communication

Have you said this before?




You get the same inquiries with similar questions, and you keep typing the same response over and over again - worse yet, you don't hear back from clients after your first inquiry response.

Clients are feeling left confused because they don't hear from you after they signed the contract and paid the deposit.

You don't hear from clients after you send them your quotes or their photos - leaving you wondering why they didn't book you, or if they liked your photos, if they will be leaving you a bad review. Or, if they're coming back to you.

"Ugh, I've said this before, but my notes are all over the place and copying and pasting my old emails is making my formatting all wrong"

"My clients won't even say "thank you" after I deliver the photos I worked so hard on!"

"I don't know how to respond to inquiries to stand out from competition and not get ghosted after!"

You know what?!

There IS a way to respond (and follow up) to inquiries so you only have to write it once AND get your client's attention above all other competition.

There IS a way to guide your client through an experience before the photoshoot and after they booked you so they feel like they are prepared and EXCITED for their shoot.

There IS a way to encourage your clients to write/text/call you after they receive their photos to let you know they LOVED them and they will be referring their friends to you.

I created a series of emails and questionnaires to achieve all of this!

I know, I know, I know what you are thinking...

"I already have templates... They're not giving the personal touch/results I am looking for"

You may already have your standard emails but...

These are not just templates. This is a smooth comprehensive client communication system

Good for any type of family/ general portrait photographers (newborn, maternity, etc.)

Everything I use currently/ used to build my 6 figure photography business in my first year

Every communication you need from start-to-finish (and repeat) in your relationship with clients

Exactly what you need to start or revive your photography business

Get Amazing Reviews Like This!

What's Included in the Happiest Clients Templates




Family and portrait client email templates to send from the moment client inquires- pre-shoot communication, post photoshoot communication, when you send the galleries- until you follow up to keep them as your returning clients!

BONUS emails for when you want to do model calls and IPS (in-person sales)!

SUPER BONUS Questionnaires to prepare for your photoshoots and get all the feedback you want!

What's More?!

You will get all of these templates automatically imported into HoneyBook if you sign up through this link! Yes, it's an affiliate link. Yes, I get money if you sign up. But you know what?! 

You will be getting a 50% discount for your first year, which is an awesome deal. (Let's talk if you find a better deal out there!)

AND you will get all these templates uploaded, ready to go. No copy and pasting each of the 55 templates.

No need to figure out when to send the emails at which stage - we will also set up project stages for you so you know which emails should go during which stages!

Brochure Send emails for:

Inquiry Response Emails for:
Family (Detailed/Long/Include Schedule)
Family Short
When You are Unavailable

Proposal (contract and invoice) Send Emails for:
Fresh 48

Follow Up Emails for When Clients Do Not Get Back to You:
First Follow Up (General)
Following Up After a While
Final Follow Up (General)

Master Preparation email template

Specific Preparation emails for:
Fresh 48
In-Home Newborn
Outdoor Newborn
Studio Newborn
Sibling Meeting

Questionnaire Send Emails for:
Fresh 48
General + Hair & Makeup Suggestions
Location Brainstorm
Maternity Dress Brainstorm

Location Suggestions Email

Thank you email for after the shoot (also expectation setting of when to receive the photos)

Emails for when sending the gallery:

Gallery Send - Sneak Peeks!
Gallery Send - Instructions on how to Download + Print, Favorite, App offering, and more!

Baptism Photoshoot Questionnaire
Birthday Party Photoshoot Questionnaire
Family Photoshoot Questionnaire
Fresh 48 Photoshoot Questionnaire
Location Brainstorm for Families Questionnaire
Maternity Dress Questionnaire
Maternity Photoshoot Questionnaire
Meet the Sibling Questionnaire
Newborn Questionnaire
Senior Photoshoot Questionnaire
Feedback Survey

Model Call - Invitation to Join
Model Call - Waitlist
Model Call - Scheduling
Model Call - Proposal Send

IPS - Photos Almost Ready
IPS - Photo Viewing Meeting Invitation
IPS - Photo Viewing Meeting Reminder
Invoice Send Email for Photo Products

Thank You for the Referral Email

Emails to Request Reviews

Price increase Notice Emails

Feedback Survey Request

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4 Emails for Stage 4: Post-Gallery Send Follow-up (Valued at $39)

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BONUS: 11 Questionnaires!
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