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4 week bootcamp and one-on-one mentoring

Set up (or revamp) a photography business that is profitable and is loved by clients!

It’s the exact method used for my photography business that went from 0 to 6 figures in my first year of business!

Have you thought this Recently?


I keep seeing other photographers getting so many inquiries but I barely ever get any, and if I do, they never respond to me after I send them my pricing. 

I had no idea how to get inquiries, and used to get so frustrated with price shopping inquiries that didn't value my time or art. 

I hated (and still do) posting on social media - I am a total social media introvert! I only have to post when I feel like I absolutely have to. As soon as I do, I get instant anxiety about what I posted. 

Living in an area with thousands of photographers, competition is steep! It was so easy to get down and start comparing myself - and go down the price lowering rabbit hole. 

I know being on social media is important to grow my business but I HATE putting my work and myself out there!

There are too many competitors, I don't stand a chance without lowering my prices - but some people charge SO little, I can't have a successful business charging that little!

I created a photography business and marketing formula to tackle all of these issues in this 4 week bootcamp program!


In my 4 week bootcamp

You will learn how to get inquiries from the right clients, and know how to respond to them so #1 you will have an irresistible offer that it will be hard to say "no" to and #2 a system of communication so clients will have the hardest time not giving you an answer (in the most professional, politest way!)

You will learn how to get inquiries and putting yourself out there even if you are a social media introvert like me and not post much on Instagram or Facebook. 

You will learn how to stand out from competition above and beyond, even in a city of many photographers to clients ratio.

Website and social media (audit, content planning, and let's get it all set-up correctly!)

Client communication and experience flow to nail that down above and beyond your competitors (we will discuss market pricing, what to include in your packages, etc)

Ads (FB, Yelp, Google Ads, and more to get you started) 

Publicity and Media (outlets to get you noticed and featured to further your brand identity and credibility = trusted by your clients!)

We will go over 4 major things to kickstart/revamp your business









In 4 weeks, let's get ready to hear...

4 weeks of hands-on tasks, support, training, one on one calls, and live group Q&As

TONS of resources and materials I used to get my business off the ground in 4 weeks

Bonus materials like business plan templates and many more templates to use!


to start or revive your photography business

I know times are tough. I'm going through it too!
For that reason, this time around, tuition is HEAVILY discounted and I am offering easy payment plan option spanning 4 months.

what's more?

Each week, we will have concrete goals, tasks, and learning materials that you can keep so you can refer back to it forever.

Even if you make one booking out of the strategies shared here, you will be getting 2-5x the investment!

Tons of bonus planners, workbooks, checklists, email and contract templates and more!

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I totally get that I give you SO MUCH to do in the 4 weeks (it is called a bootcamp after all!). For that, you will get access to course materials for at least a year, and Facebook group access forever. That means...

βœ… Access to all the updates I make as things change, I learn more through my own research,
βœ… Access to weekly live Q&As I have for the current bootcampers - my weekly live Q&As are based on what the students want to learn, so it will never be the same thing over and over again
βœ… Access to the Facebook group where new like minded, motivated bootcampers join each time!

You also get access to course materials for a year! (Not letting you go that easy! πŸ˜‰)

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Total Value = $1200

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