Gender Reveal Party Photography Session – Do’s and Don’ts

Here are my tips – the Do’s and Don’ts of shooting a gender reveal photo session!

I just wrapped up a gender reveal photoshoot filled with love and lots of joy! Luckily, it was for my sister, so I wasn’t as nervous as I would have been if it were a “real” client. Still, I pretended like it was for a “real” client and did my best! I didn’t, however, get too many pictures of the details of the events and people interacting. Why? Because it was my sister’s special day that I had a big part in planning, and I wanted to be fully present and chat with everyone I hadn’t seen in a while too.

Ok, enough about my personal reasons for why I didn’t do as much as I could have… Here are the do’s and don’ts!

Do’s of a Gender Reveal Party Photo Shoot

Do the Usual Basic Photo Shoot Checks

You know, the whole check for batteries and memory card storage – definitely do this sooner than 5 minutes before the reveal! Guess who didn’t do it? Me! I was so wrapped up in the event that I totally didn’t realize that the battery was completely about to die until I told the mom-and-dad-to-be to prepare to open the box. Luckily, I captured the moment, but I was in a panic and couldn’t focus on very important things like lighting and composition. Which leads me to my next do…

Do Figure Out the Lighting and Position of the Reveal Ahead of Time

As I said, I was scrambling when I realized they were about to open the box, and my batteries were about to die at the same time. I wish that I had paid attention to the lighting of the location of the reveal beforehand, so I could prepare the correct settings right away. I came from a very bright hallway where I was taking pictures of people arriving and greeting the expecting parents, so the SOCC turned out completely dark (see below). I didn’t really change the shutter speed before going into the darker room. Thank goodness for modern picture developing technology! I was able to save the reveal pictures!

Similarly, don’t forget to check out where they will be doing the reveal, and decide where you should be standing to take the photos. It makes a huge difference if your angle is right. 

These tiny details are so important because you are primarily there to capture this exact moment! If you don’t nail these shots, it will be a big disappointment.

Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts
Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts

Do Bring Your Event Lenses

I used my love – 85mm 1.8 – throughout the event, but I do wish I had the 24-70 on a second body too. Why? Mainly because I was shooting in 2 different settings. One location was the bright outdoors/entryway and the second one was inside. I wish I set the 85mm camera for the outdoor/doorway shoot, since I was standing in one place shooting the same location. Then, I would’ve set the 24-70 for the indoor setting where I was taking more candid photos of everyone talking and the event details. Really- the main reason that I wish I had done this is so I wouldn’t have had to scramble every time I went in and out.

Do Treat it Like a Mini Maternity Shoot

If your mom-to-be has even a little bump, then try to take pictures to emphasize that in a sweet and classy manner! It could be a sneak-peak to what you can do to show off that bump, which could lead to a future booking!

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*Side Note: Check out my Essential Tools Page if you’re looking for some awesome resources to help with running your photography business! 

Don’ts of a Gender Reveal Party Photography Session

Don’t Forget the Details of the Party

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t focus too much on the details of the event or candid people interacting. This was because I was, first and foremost, the sister of the mom-to-be and hostess of the event. However, the few pictures I do have of the details really tell the story of the event. Don’t skimp on these specifics!

Don’t Forget to Send the Gallery to All Participants

Not only would everyone who attended like to see the pictures, but it’s a great way to build your referrals and brand awareness! Pregnancy can be contagious. Once one friend gets pregnant, it’s like a domino effect. Make sure you are in the path of the chain reaction!

Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts
Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts
Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts
Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts
Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts
Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts
Gender Reveal Party Photography Session - Do's and Don'ts

There You Have It!

These are the do’s and don’ts that I learned from shooting a gender reveal party. A gender reveal is a pretty special event that isn’t too common, but it is such a special time for mom-and-dad-to-be. It really gives direction to the rest of their pregnancy and planning for a new baby. This specific party had lots of tears of joy, and I was so happy to be there. I’m going to have a niece!!!

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