4 things to get people to notice your photography business

Four things to get people to notice your photography business, even if you’re brand new. A sneak peek into my 4-week photography business bootcamp!

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Nail Down Your Ideal Photography Clients and Experiences

First thing is to nail down your ideal clients and experience. I think by now you’ve probably heard the term ideal client avatar. So this is super, super important. If you don’t know who he or she is, definitely nail them down and come up with a name. I have a name for my ideal client. I know where she shops, I know what kind of books she likes. I know the podcast she listens to. 

Also, nail down what would be your ideal clients’ experience going through your services. You want your ideal client to be like Wow!, I am never going to go to anybody else because what she provided was perfect. So we do dive into that a little bit more but you get the idea. What can you give your ideal client, the best photography experience? Implement that in every stage of your client communication.

Nail Down Your SEO and Social Media Presence

Step two is to nail down the SEO and social media presence. SEO is boring, but it’s not hard. My action step for today is for you to just come up with the best keyword that describes what your services are and start plugging that into your website. 

Also, we go over every single basically social media presence in my boot camp, and we create an account for each one. I definitely do not recommend trying to master all of them. But it’s important to have at least a presence in all the social media platforms. Then, I always tell my students to choose one that you’re going to really rock at. Then all the other social media, you should have an account with your information, but point to that one account that you’re really really good at. So people have a way to find you in every platform, but they know that where you really want to be found is “your main social media account” – whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or even LinkedIn. 

Nail Down Your Publicity Strategy

Step three, publicity. So, this is where the fun begins. You want to get noticed beyond social media on a bigger scale because this is how people are going to know that you are the real deal. You’re the expert. You have authority and credibility. So I do go over what each step of these things in a whole week in my boot camp

I go over each in detail in my bootcamp, but I generally recommend choosing a platform to further your reach – blog, podcast, or video channel. So pick one, and also start to think about where you want to be featured! What is your dream publication? Where do you want to get featured in eventually? 

Nail Down Paid Ads

Finally, beyond organic reach, I like to use Yelp, Facebook/Instagram and then Google ads. I don’t use it all at once. But I have used them at all different stages of my photography business and each have different purposes and ways to use them that are unique. This is basically an entire course (in my case, an entire week), so I won’t get too much into it!

Action Steps to Get Your Photography Business Noticed

Step 1: Nail Down Your Ideal Client

Create an avatar of somebody that you’re going to be talking to. 

Quick Win

This will allow you to have a vision of who you’re speaking to through your social media website, or anytime you have to write a copy to your audience. 

Step 2: Find keywords that are being searched

Even just one keyword that you’re going to want people to find you through. Then plug them in your website. Every platform is a little different on how to do it, so Google for example “how to plug in keywords in ShowIt [or your website host]”.

Quick Win

Let the SEO magic happen/begin (in a month-year, so not quick, but you need to start sooner than later!) 

Step 3: Come up with a list of your dream “featured in” media list

Where do you want to be featured and eventually? Then, come up with a list of a smaller/easier version of those publications and reach out to get featured! (There is definitely an art to this, and we go over it in detail in our bootcamp!)

Quick Win

Finding these smaller publications will make your dream feel a little bit more reachable. So,  reach out to these small smaller versions to see how you can be featured. 

Step 4: Try out creating a $1 ad on Facebook

What’s the harm? $1! (a day so I should say so maybe $30 but you can always quit after three days – $3! I think the scariest part about doing Facebook ads or any ads is actually the act of doing it. So maybe once you do that $1 you’ll figure out how it works and it might not be as scary. 

Quick Win

Get over the fear of paid ads being scary – and even as little as $1 day, you are reaching new people!

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